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Used Wet Benches For Sale
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Bud Rogers
214 906-7145
Solvent Bench (72" wide frame) has 4 tanks, 1 sink, and cut-outs for adding 2ea additional tanks if needed:
Includes DI Gun, Exhaust, Temp Controller, Timers, Magnahelix, Rise Controller
Sold "as is" or can be refurbished and sold with warranty (and mods as needed)
Pathway Systems Semi-automated Wet Bench with 4ea Baths measures roughly 40" X 84"

Thermal Scientific Haake Model S-21 Hot Bath/Water Heater with AC 200 Controller

Computer with Eizo Flatscreen Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.

Recently moved from a functioning FAB in Colorado.
ID#: S01 150mm Manual Bench with 4 Baths Deck has room to expand (add more tanks)
ID#: S03 Pathway Systems Solvent Bench Lift-Off Process Tool
ID#: S05 150mm Manual Wet Bench "As Is" or can be Refurbished with Warranty
ID#: S11 SemiAutomated Wet Bench (Acid) SOLD!
ID#: S10 Used Manual Solvent Bench Sale Pending
ID#: S08 150mm Manual Solvent Bench Contact us for pricing
ID#: S04 Pathway Semi-Automated Bench Selling "As Is"
Stainless steel bench with 2ea Process Baths, 2ea Genesis Crest Ultrasonics, 2ea backside stainless tanks, Thermo Scientific Haake S-21 Water Heater Bath with AC 200 Control.

This tool was used for metal lift off prior to being removed from a FAB in Colorado.
This manual wet etch bench is constructed of FM approved plastic and measures 108" X 52-1/4". It's equipped with 4ea process baths and 2 quick dump rinses. The baths are 11-1/4" square and 12" deep. The PVDF process tanks are temperature controlled, filtered and recirculated.

Bench includes temperature control by remote recirculators with in-tank temp exchange coils. Also included are 2ea spike bottle wells, 1ea manual aspirator, DI water sprayer and N2 sprayer.
Deck layout includes 3ea PolyPro static acid baths, 2 quartz process baths, and 2ea PolyPro QDRs.

The bench is 6' wide, constructed of FM approved C-PVC, includes controllers

Selling "As Is" or refurbished with warranty.
ID#: S06 150mm Manual Wet Bench Hot Phosphoric Process
Deck layout includes 3ea Quartz process baths (hot phos), 1ea PolyPro QDR, 1ea PVDF reservoir bath with DI sprayer and N2 sprayer.

Includes touch screen controller

The bench is 4' wide and constructed of white PolyPro

Selling "As Is" or refurbished with warranty.
ID#: S07 Plastic Wafer Cleaning Bench Selling "As Is"
EDC Model 1003 Polypro wafer cleaner with built in controller.

Approximate dimensions 32" X 90"
200mm Automated Wet Bench is constructed of white polypropylene. It's sized to accommodate 2ea 200mm cassettes per bath. There are 2ea heated, recirculated, filtered process baths with accompanying quick dump rinses. Process tanks are constructed of polypro.

The system includes dedicated load/unload stations on pull out drawers. Automation is by linear dual axis robotic transfer. The tool is equipped with touchscreen operator interface, downflow exhaust, and open top for Hepa filtration. The separate control cabinet houses battery backup and PLCs.

The total assembly measures 168" wide X 67.5" deep.
PreOwned 150mm Manual Solvent Bench For Sale

Deck layout includes 4ea Stainless Steal process baths with lids, 2ea of which are heated. There is 1ea PolyPro QDR. System includes controllers and timers.

Bench measures 6' in width. Power is 208V 3 phase.

This tool is for sale "as is" but seller can refurbished and warrant if required.
ID#: 09
Refurbished Manual Wet Bench Start Up, Warranty, and Installation
PreOwned 150mm Manual Solvent Bench For Sale

Deck layout includes 3ea Stainless Steal process baths, 1 of which is heated. System has large sink with dimensions 21"x17"x16". Includes N2 and DI Sprayer.

This tool has a cut-away for a QDR that can be added at a later date.

Controllers and timers are included.

Selling "as is" or with mods and/or refurbishment as needed.
Deck layout includes 2ea molded recirculating PVDF chemical baths. The center bath is a PVDF QDR with adjustable spray bars.

Baths are sized to accommodate 2ea 150mm cassettes, or one 200mm cassette. The system includes a DI wafer spray gun and a glove wash unit.

Plumbing access is from below and electronics are neatly packages in side compartment. This bench was built using FM4910 materials.
ID#: S02 200mm Manual Wet Bench Leatherwood Plastics Made Acid Wet Bench