Manual benches have simple controls that do not communicate to a host or server. As such, it is possible, and in some cases common, for misprocess to occur due to human error.

Preventing wrong wafer dips and wrong hand pours does not require expensive controller upgrades. It can be accomplished by incorporating a simple bar code system.

The Bar Code Guardian is a web based solution that prevents wrong dips, wrong pours, expired chemical, and more. It includes a handheld PDA (portable data assistant), a bar code labeling system, application software, and some minor host integration. Operators simply bar code swipe the Lot Box (or Cassette) followed by the bench’s bath label. The application returns a Red or Green validation. The same concept extends to chemical pours, expiration, and more.

Given the cost of scrap, rework, and cycle time loss, this system pays for itself in short order. This is especially true for batch systems where large numbers of wafers are impacted by misprocess.
Bar Code Guardian
Is the control system on your wet bench obsolete? We offer replacement controllers suitable for just about any wet bench or chemical management system. Solutions range from simple membrane touch panels to more sophisticated PC based touch screens with Ethernet connectivity.

New controllers improve system reliability and in many cases enhance throughput. Enjoy the benefits of lot tracking, data capture, and report generation. Write recipes and view status from your desk. Many benefits!
Touch Screen PLC Controller
Rear View of Hardware
We supply ultra pure semiconductor grade Wet Bench Chemicals available in small quantities for hand pours.

We provide mixing services, specialty blending, and logistics management for just in time delivery.

Chemical down packing and repackaging services.
Semiconductor Wet Process Chemicals
These Ionizers are made specifically for mounting inside semiconductor equipment. They are especially suited for wet benches, brush cleaners, and spin cleaning tools where static charge is known to be problematic.

Ionizers neutralize the static charge that would normally be built up on wafers. This helps control particles and it prevents electrical devices degradation.
This product requires no maintenance except for an annual energy source swap
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New and used quartz parts for semiconductor manufacturing application

Build to drawing, reverse engineering, modifications, cleaning, and repair services performed by expert staff on state of the art equipment.

Komatsu - In-Line Heater Refurbishment Services & PreOwned system sales
Quartz and Quartz Repair
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Conventional Corona style Ionizers made specifically for Point of Use application.

Ionizers made to mount inside semiconductor equipment. Ideal for wet benches and other high static (plastic) tools.

Reducing charge minimizes static related particles
Corona style ionizers suitable for Point of Use semiconductor equipment applications