This Marangoni Dryer accomodates 150mm wafers and below. There are 2ea independent drying chambers.

The system is a modern day Yield Up (YUP) copy manufactured by a licensed third party OEM. Made from 'off the shelf' components, this dryer is still fully supported by the seller and OEM.

Seller offers an optional warranty, installation, start-up, and process optimization.

Includes detailed user's manuals and system documentation in PDF format.
ID#: 001 Marangoni Dryer (Stand Alone) Warranty & Installation Available Active Listing May 2020
ID#: 002
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Used Wet Benches For Sale
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Refurbished IPA Vapor Dryers Start Up, Warranty, and Installation - Active Listing May 2020

Bud Rogers
214 906-7145
Fully refurbished  IPA Vapor Dryers

OEM is Kimmon (Japan) but this tool is supported by licensed USA refurbisher.

Systems are 200mm capable and can be sold 'as is' or refurbished with a 1 year warranty.  Installation, training, and ongoing support is available from seller.
The seller is a licensed approved supplier of used and refurbished Kimmon DI Water Heaters.
There are various sizes of systems in stock now for quick delivery.
These units are refurbished and sold with warranty. Installation support is available as a paid option.
ID#: 003 DI Water Heater Used OEM Kimmon (Japanese) - Active Listing May 2020
ID#: 004 Automated Solvent Bench, 150mm, Full Featured - Active Listing May 2020
Automated Solvent Bench - Used but very clean, set up for 150mm cassettes, Loading/Unload area, 4ea SST Process Baths, 1ea Rinse Bath.
3 Baths ReCirc & Filtered, Bath 4 is static but heated, all baths have auto lids, system is equipped with fire suppression.

Programmable tank selection, process recipe driven, lots of flexibility and programmability, bench is fully functional.

Bench control system is still supported, programmer is available on a fee bases.
ID#: 005 Automated Acid Bench, 200mm, Rotary - Active Listing May 2020
ROTARY ROBOT ACID BENCH Dual 8 inch cassettes or smaller never used was a demo bench for a Trade Show.

Agitation, Hold in Place, Pause - Recipe Programmable OEM controller.
The two baths are just blanks right now.

The blanks will be outfitted to suit the buyer's requirements.

This system can be sold 'as is' or with warranty and full supported.
Top Down View
ID#: 006 Chemical Blending System Active Listing May 2020
The workmanship is beautiful done by Kinetics in Malaysia.

Could be sold 'as is", or for parts.

Lots of system pics available.

The seller has the User's Manual
ID#: 007 Screen FL-820L HF-Last Low Peressure IPA Dryer - Active Listing May 2020
Dainippon Screen FL-820L IPA Cassetteless 200mm Marangoni Dryer. FL dryers are equipped with Single Bath HF-Last, Insitu-rinse, IPA Marangoni, N2 Low pressure dry Capability. On board Chemical Supply Mixing Unit.

This tool is being sold 'as is - where is'