About Us:
This website is for buyers and sellers of used semiconductor wet process equipment. We post used wet bench listings and also offer optional marketing, sales, and technical assistance.
What differentiates us from other brokers?
Value added services:
1.We are experienced wet process equipment engineers
2.We have a database of over 3000 industry contacts, mainly wafer fabricators that buy wet benches
3.We offer a strong Internet web presence that is optimized for Google Search
4.We offer a facility for tool storage and expert services like staging, powering, and demonstrating your tool's functionality to a potential buyer
5.We can replace old OEM control systems with brand new FAB proven controls
6.We can integrate IPA Dryers to most OEM brand wet benches
7.We can perform tool audits, testing, and provide expert advice
8.We offer in house repairs, upgrades, enhancements, and refurbishment capabilities
9.We can provide installation, start-up, training, and process support for your tools
10.We have a lease to own financing company on standby for those interested
We supplement the sale of your products with optional services and upgrades that most buyers want, thereby enhancing the desirability of your listing.
Used wet benches are our main focus. However, related semiconductor cleaning and drying equipment are also of interest to our web visitors. Therefore, any semiconductor wet process tool would be suitable for listing. Such products might include batch and single wafer spin tools, spin dryers, IPA dryers, reticle cleaners, FOSB & FOUP Cleaners, Cassette (Wafer Carrier) Cleaners, Box washers, Quartz Cleaners, Parts Cleaning Benches, Batch Developers, Chemical Delivery Systems, Chemical Cabinets, Chemical Reclaim, Wet Bench Sub Assemblies, Process Baths, Megasonics, Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Spargers, Software, Inoizers, etc.
Please donít hesitate to contact me with any questions.
About Us
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